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Handcrafted Jewelry With Soul

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Hi There!

My name is Heather Davis, and I am the Creator and Founder of Heather Davis Designs. Curating handcrafted jewelry originated as a therapeutic outlet for me - a channel for grounding myself in the present and a catharsis from the stresses and anxiety of everyday life. 


Within a short time, two beloved family members departed from this earth far too soon. My Mother, and dearest friend, fought a brief, but valiant battle with Stage IV Kidney Cancer.  And my Baby Brother, a soul brimming with intense love, passion, creativity and astounding artistic abilities, passed unexpectedly at the tender age of 31. 


To find solace within these intensely difficult times, I poured raw emotion into creating handcrafted jewelry cradling grace and fidelity. Among my chasing hammer, anvil, steady metals, brilliant gemstones and my raw thoughts, I found a quiet and tranquil space to process unimaginable grief; and a haven for nourishing my soul after enduring such monumental loss. Creativity and passion began to flourish as I embraced fresh understanding that the most authentic and beautiful keepsakes we hold dear often emerge from the remarkably difficult challenges we face in this life. 

Today, beneath the watchful and loving eyes of my Mother and Brother, I continue to draw inspiration from all life's beauty and defining moments to create, to cope and to remember. The singular purpose of Heather Davis Designs is to capture and transform life's raw and beautiful experiences into handcrafted, uniquely curated forms of self-expression. My experience with profound love, grief and joy have opened my eyes to the fleeting essence of life, and push me to consciously find purpose in all of life's experiences, each and every day.